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Does Black Magic Exist?

Neeta Singhal’s answer: The fear of black magic manifests in the Sacral chakra, which is the seat of your identity. This six-petal orange-coloured Chakra is located two inches below your Navel. The Sacral Chakra controls your large…

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Question of the week

Topic  – Does Black Magic Exist? It is possible for someone to harm others through black magic ? To participate, visit  

Joy of Giving

You can be happy not just when you receive but also when you give something. Remember the saying – giving beats receiving. Giving brings joy and in addition, contentment, peace and fulfilment. By giving, I…

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Revisiting your Faith

  Every time you are faced with a crisis situation in life, you have a choice to react in two ways. Either you strengthen your resolve, renew your faith and face the situation, or you…

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Patience is a Virtue

The 21st century is the age of speed and most people are under the impression that by hurrying up, they will get more things done. This is an illusion. For every process there is a…

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