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Love Regained

Speechless. I bow down to Neeta ji for helping me solve my relationship issues. Healing Heart worn as per RRST brought a phenomenal change in my life. All the negativity and impurity were cleared from the heart. It was quite difficult for us to forgo the differences. After wearing Healing Heart, I felt stronger to let go trivial issues that affected our relationship. Thank you Neeta ji for helping people around the world through your videos, seminars and workshops.

Universe Obeys

I bought a Kalpavriksha combination and wore it on my birthday. It’s been a year and I still cannot believe my three projects stuck for a quite long period transpired one after the other in line with my expectation. Thank you so much for your assistance. Through the consultation with you, I realized where was the actual problem which resulted in the blockage of my Root Chakra. After wearing this RRST combination, I realized the universe does obey the command of the wearer of Rudraksha bead provided it is worn correctly. Thank you so much once again!

Small And Powerful

Dear Neeta, Skype session with you was as good as a miracle! After consulting a number of astrologers, my inner being was NOT at all content. I was socked with different remedies for Graha Shanti, causing confusion and attracting a huge cost. Your Navagraha Shanti combination was ‘the thing’ I had been searching for. Simple and effective. It is the best remedy to correct all the malefic planets. I wish I came in contact with you long back. Nevertheless as you say ‘It is never ever late’, I will definitely see you in person when I visit India.

Ego left, humility gained

Thank you so much for your help, Neetaji. The gemstones and Rudraksha beads as per RRST have miraculously worked on my Vishuddha Chakra. As a result, I am today able to communicate better to my subordinates at office. That has drastically reduced a distance between me and my employees. You helped me look within only to realize arrogance had covered my true identity as an entrepreneur. And it was reflected in the way I talked to my loyal employees. You have made me HUMBLE and this was what I needed the most. Thank you so much!!!!

Clarity of Goal

Dear Neeta madam,
Ever since I started using RRST recommendations specially based on the purpose, I have been seeing everything with a clear vision in mind. The reason why the RRST combinations worked for me is clarity of my object. I am very grateful to you for sweeping aside the layers of unwanted desires and bringing me to what my consciousness desired. Once it was clear, the beads which you recommended helped me go through all the twists and turns, thereby getting me to what I truly desired. All the fears have disappeared. I literally feel that the curtain of illusion, which I only had set up, have been drawn by your crystal clear guidance. May Shiva bless you!

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