Benefits of Performing Puja On Akshaya Tritiya Day

Akshaya Tritya is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. It is considered to be very auspicious for bringing good fortune. It has been a prominent belief that the wealth bought on this day never diminishes and Pujas done on this day bring unending prosperity.

Performing a special Akshaya Tritiya Puja on this day eliminates all the barriers that come on your way of creating wealth and earning money. It gives relief from debts, troubles and financial problems.

This Puja is best for those seeking:

• To Build Wealth And Invest In Gold
• Security, Stability And Savings
• Protection And Relief From Diseases
What else can be done on Akshaya Trititya?

Charity on Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be the most auspicious as well as fulfilling acts one can ever do. ‘Akshaya’ means that which never diminishes. The significant quality of this divine day is that anything bought, started as a venture or given away as a charity doubles your riches one away or the other.

• One can offer jala, water to Brahmins with betel nuts and donate to them dakshina, offerings in one’s capacity.
• One can donate beds to the needy or the underprivileged.
• One may donate clothes to the needy and be blessed with a long life.
• Donating coconuts to Brahmins relieve our ancestors from agonies of the underworld.
• Offering butter milk as a charity blesses the donor with vidya prapti, attainment of knowledge.
• Donating padaraksha, slippers, shoes, chappals or any footwear will ensure that the donor’s life gets purified and is never subjected to entering Hellish planets after death.

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