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How to Overcome Lust & Desires

 Today people across the world are mired in desires. You seek fulfilment in food and can’t stop eating. The desire for material things is similarly unquenchable – you keep buying and hoarding things. Married men…

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How to Deal with Desires

Aum tryambakam yajâmahe sugandhim pusti-vardhanam  Urva rukamiva bandhanan mrtyor muksheeya maamritat  We hail the fragrant Three-eyed One who nourishes [all] and increases the [sweet] fullness of life. Just as the cucumber is liberated from captivity…

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How to Cultivate Joy

Joy is a state of being that is independent of the triggers of the external world. Joy is not the same as happiness. It is far deeper and fuller and lasts longer than happiness. Happiness…

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