Chakra Quotes

quoteHave penned some facts that I learned from life.

  • I know I am the creator of my destiny but refuse to accept as I cannot admit that all that is going wrong in my life is my creation.
  • I know it is me who has to raise his ass and get things done and the only thing in way is my laziness. So let me stop creating silly obstacles and get things done.
  • Even if I think I can get away by behaving in a certain way, conciousness will not stop till I follow the RULES. I am in this school called LIFE and I better learn them.
  • Let me stop looking at the adverse people and situations coming in my life and focus on the Lessons they are trying to teach me. And every lesson well learnt makes me a better person.
  • I know I cannot Stop doing mistakes, but I can stop repeating them.
  • Winner is one who always looks back and learns from mistakes.
  • Life is a like a Trampoline. I fall to go higher than before. And I fall to learn more.
  • I cannot be holding hurt and pain for long.. They create Ulcers and cancers in me.. The only way out is Forgive, forget and move on.
  • It is not the little things that matter.. Let me train my vision to look at the larger picture ahead. Mahamtma Gandhi was thrown out of the train to realise Himself.
  • I know it is my duty to honour and protect myself. I have boundaries and have to let others know how much close they can get.
  • I have to Honour my parents, relatives and relations and all those with whom I interact to allow energies to flow within me. There is God within all and they are a part of contract to teach me lessons. I play games of
  • Life with them. I need to learn to look beyond them at the lessons learnt and not limit myself to the form.
  • I know it is my duty to express the Truth inside me knowing I will be heard. If I don’t, I choke up and become timid.
  • I cannot change people and situations to be the way I like, but even in the current state, I can find my way through.
  • In marriage, the win in an argument could be a failure in the relationship. I chose relationship over personal Victory.
  • Fears make me weak and can only make me run aimlessly. I chose to drive myself, my kids, my colleagues with Joy of success rather than fear of failure.
  • The thing that limits me most is EGO. Ego gives me a name, designation and boundaries.
  • I am bigger than that.. In fact I am God.quote
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