Chakrayogi: Dawn of Enlightenment – Retreat Highlights

On Day One and Day Two participants of the workshop went deep into the 7 Chakras, learning their lessons and into the mystical 8th Chakra. On the first evening, guests were enthralled by Shailendra Bhartti’s Swara Yog, which set the meditative tone for the four-day event.

On Saturday morning, the Chakrayogis reached Karjat by 9.30 am and the session there continued till well past midnight. Participants sat riveted to their seats through the intensive meditation and cleansing accompanied by the deep Chakra music tones and mantras.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover everyone had personalised bean bags, on which they could recline and stretch during meditation. The bags were later gifted away to participants. Saturday evening was a vibrant affair, with all the Chakrayogis dancing to the tunes of Shiv Tandav Strotra and Mahisasurmardini on the lawn.

On the last day (Sunday), the session began early with a poolside meditation at 6 am. A pleasant breeze was blowing and quite a few participants sat with their feet submerged in the pool as they got grounded with Neeta Singhal’s words.  The day progressed with intensive sessions, where duality was resolved and participants experienced intense cleansing and awakening of the Third Eye Chakra. A few people had deep spiritual insights that were beyond expression.

By the time of their return to Mumbai it was midnight, but the Chakrayogis came back refreshed and energised.

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