Darkness meditation for releasing unknown fears

Meditate in darkThis is a meditation technique taken from Vedanta. It is a darkness meditation which takes you into the unknown to release your fears of death, disease, attacks and the unknown forever. Initially you might want to do this with a friend or family as many of us fear going all alone in the dark. Practicing this few times, will release you from clutches of fear forever.

Sit comfortably. The head, neck and spine should all be in a straight line.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Imagine that you are walking into a dense forest. You are walking into the densest part of the forest. You enter a deep, dark cave. You cannot see anything with your eyes, You sit down in the dark cave. You cannot see your own body. Except for your own feeling of being there, you have no other identification

However much you try, you are not able to see anything. ln the deep darkness, you can only sense by touch that you are there. (1 minute). The timings given are just approximate. Do as per your instinct.

You are born from the darkness that was in your mother’s womb and you dissolve into the same loving, compassionate darkness. (1 minute)

Breathe in deeply the utter darkness that surrounds you everywhere. Breathe in deeply the darkness that has made your identity disappear.

Slowly. very slowly. experience your body merging with the darkness. (5 minutes)

Slowly. very slowly, experience your body becoming the darkness.(5 minutes)

With every cell of your body. breathe in and breathe out the darkness deeply. (15 minutes)

Begin to feel yourself. Start to feel your whole body with all your senses. Move your body very slowly in the sitting position. Get up and move out of the cave.

Start walking out of the dense forest.

Return ..(3 minutes)

Just carry this silence with you.

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