How to deal with difficult Saturn Periods?

Saturn is the most dreaded planet in astrology and his mere name brings shivers among people. When Saturn visits unfavourable houses in your horoscope such as Sade sati and Shani kantak, He brings hardships on all fronts. Saturn is a much misunderstood planet. His transits may bring hardships in family and material life, but they can be very uplifting if you align yourself to His lessons. Here are things you can do to weather difficult Shani periods:

Acceptance Unconditionally

Saturn is disliked because he is a planet of ground reality. He shows you a side of people that you don’t want to see. Saturn creates lessons where even your close family members behave in ways that you cannot imagine. Saturn makes you face circumstances that you never thought you would have to and He will make you do things you never did before.

The more you try to run away, the harder the lessons become until you end up with your back to the wall, forced to face reality. If you resist, your intuition and decision making power is disrupted. These emotions block your Ajna chakra and lead to headaches, eye problems, sleep problems and Sinus issues.

Know that Saturn’s lessons are all about acceptance. Accept what you don’t like about your current life situation – whether it is about your children, your current job or marriage situation. Release all resistance and accept things as they are. Only then you will find that you are able to change your circumstances.

Forgive Unconditionally

How do you forgive people and make peace with situations that you thought unimaginable? Try empathy. Imagine yourself in the shoes of others and try to understand why they behave that way. The reason could stem from their background, their fears, weakness or their perceptions of the situation. It has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. So release all feelings of hurt and forgive from your heart.

Dissolve the Ego

During Saturn transits, your ego perceives situations from the standpoint of “I” and tries to grapple with feelings of hurt, grief and betrayal by your spouse, children, friends, relatives and even colleagues. This Ego can make you stubborn, unforgiving, punishing and sharp tongued.

Saturn works on your third eye and literally aims at breaking your Ego, the identity that you hold, separating yourself from others. The more egoistic/stubborn/strong headed/perfectionist you are, the bigger will be Saturn’s blow to shatter your Ego.

Things to do

Relax.. Accept.. Surrender. This as an opportunity from God for you to reflect on yourself. Release the Ego of being too good or too qualified. Accept that this can happen to you and you will treasure the opportunity when it comes. Negative thoughts of being betrayed, cheated, hurt will come, but release them and make yourself pure and humble in the river of Saturn.

You may also practice Shani mantras, pray to Katyayani Durga, practice Ajna chakra meditation and wear Rudraksha for further help.

Practise this Affirmation

In letting Go of my hurt and pain………. I let in peace………. A peaceful me is a beautiful me………. And best thing is……….that it is within my control.

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