How to Deal with Desires

Aum tryambakam yajâmahe sugandhim pusti-vardhanam 

Urva rukamiva bandhanan mrtyor muksheeya maamritat 

We hail the fragrant Three-eyed One who nourishes [all] and increases the [sweet] fullness of life. Just as the cucumber is liberated from captivity [from its stem], may we [also] be liberated (mukshiya) from death (mrityor) not from immortality (maamritaat).

This is the meaning and intention of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra.

Bondage of desires

This mantra is actually about detachment and getting ready for self-actualisation. The moment the cucumber ripens, it separates from the vine and is ready to serve its purpose. Similarly when you let go of your attachments and dependencies, you are ready to face the world.

Attachment keeps you bound to the material world, bound to the cycle of pleasure and pain. Know that life is about developing yourself to the level when you are able to live as a Creator.

The trap of Swadhisthana Chakra

This mantra is also about the Sacral Chakra, the chakra that creates wants and pleasures. You create longings for food, sex, materialistic luxuries through this chakra and then spend a lifetime in fulfilling them. Kamadeva resides in this Chakra and his job is to ignite your passion. Krishna dances here and gives you the taste of life. As you fulfil your pleasures, you need to drop them one by one and transcend to a higher realm.

But an imbalance in this chakra leaves you feeling unsatisfied. You want more. You are ready to manipulate and control to get situations in your favour. Your desires become an unending thirst. You either suffer from guilt, or an inflated self-esteem and a false sense of control. Addictions, emotional instability, guilt, fear and manipulative behaviour are other traits of an imbalanced Swathisthana Chakra.

How to Evolve from Desires

This Chakra is the place where you need to shed what you are not and align to who you really are. After all, this is the seat of your identity. To know yourself, you must come out of perceptions that cloud your identity. Every illusion covering your identity will have to be removed.

Until the time you have wants and pleasures, till the point where you are attached to things, you will be vulnerable to pain and pleasure. This is because you don’t want to let go. Once you are completely fulfilled with all the experiences of this world, when you have tasted and enjoyed fully, through your realisation (the third eye) you need to drop it effortlessly, just as a ripe cucumber separates from its stem.

Suffering comes in death because of attachment to the pleasures of human birth. In reality, the Mahamrityunjaya is not a death conquering mantra, but a “fear of death” conquering mantra. It helps you to realise that you have enjoyed the pleasures and it is now time to let go. Let go of all dependencies and live according to your true being. It is time for you to be your real self and contribute to the world. And like the cucumber which is ready to be separated from the vine, you are ready to contribute to the world and fulfil your life purpose.

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