Do obstacles and struggles drain you?

Obstacles are seemingly invincible and insurmountable blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals. They slow you down and attainment of your goals seems unsurmountable. You become anxious and frustrated because you continuously think about the problem and somehow are not able to think of a solution.

Obstacles can be internal or external. Internal obstacles are those which are under your direct control. These could be your lack of self-belief, being lazy, having fear of work, being disorganized and procrastinating things. You could be lacking a necessary skill and knowledge that you need and must acquire before you embark on your journey. You could be impatient, indecisive and lacking in good communication skills. With such internal obstacles you self-sabotage your journey. External obstacles are those which are not under your direct control. These include obstacles in your ecosystem of professional and personal life, where you find people who are uncooperative with you, and may not be competent or willing to satisfy your expectations of them and fulfil the responsibilities given to them. Sometimes external obstacles could also show up as unexpected events as natural calamities and disasters where you have no control at all. When you face obstacles repeatedly, you may feel a sense of powerlessness, victimization and resignation. You start doubting your own self and your ability and intelligence to solve problems and find solutions. You stop trusting your own self and also develop mistrust in people and Life. This drains your energy and closes your heart. You start believing that you will never manifest your desires. A time comes when fears and insecurities completely grip you and you are stuck with beliefs like:

I fear instability
Life is hard
I am not supported
I always face delays
I have to struggle hard for everything

This negative thinking pattern further blocks your root Chakra which is your connection to Mother Earth. Once you lose connection from the very source of abundance, this brings you further instability.

How to come out of obstacles and struggles?

The easiest way come out of obstacles and struggles is to make them your friend. They are meant to help you realize your own inner potential and grow your wisdom and self-awareness. You can think of them like your fitness instructors in a Gym who help grow your muscles in size and strength by making you lift weights and work your muscles the way you would never do in normal daily life. It is only by doing resistance training that your muscles grow in size, strength and endurance. Similarly facing obstacles and challenges help grow the endurance and strength of your emotional and spiritual muscle. You learn how to cope with challenges, difficulties and conflicts knowing that everything that comes your way only helps you hone and polish your true strengths, and at the same time makes you aware of your weaknesses that you need to overcome and work on. If you find your journey without any obstacles, that journey may lead you nowhere, because you have not learnt anything.

Whatever you set out to do, if you face obstacles, either the obstacles will help you realize your true potential; or enhance your wisdom to lead you where you have to go; or make you realize your weaknesses; or assist you change your course. It will demand either an assertive action or a wise fearless surrender. Surrender teaches you acceptance, and at the same time helps you imbibe the spirit of hope and faith.

Finally, you must meditate and identify the ego within you that feeds you with thoughts of not being nurtured, not being good enough, not getting what you deserve and facing constant delays in everything you desire. Release this ego and begin to trust in life. Know that it is your birth right to be supported in every way just because you are born.

Ultimately, on the spiritual path, you must accept with joy every situation and every moment for what it is, and let the battles you face become your mentors to teach you the lessons you have come here to learn. Life does not have to be perfect and smooth for it to be joyful and beautiful.

Watch this video to learn how to put an end to Obstacles and Struggles: Complete Lessons of Muladhara Chakra:

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