Fasting on Mondays during Shravan month

What’s there in Shravan month that makes it a highly spiritual month of the year?

The Sanskrit word ‘Shravan’ means to ‘hear’.  In the Bhagavat Purana (3.26.32) it said that sound is the primeval creation from which other material elements manifest themselves. It is the sound that is the source of knowledge for the Vedic knowledge was received through hearing (Shruti).

Shravan is the month when one, by hearing about Shiva’s glories, dedicates themselves to His lordship, forms and pastimes. During this period, the Shravan constellation of stars is visible in the sky.

The Puranas recount a fantastic event called Samudra Manthan, Churning of the Ocean wherein gods and demons fight for divine elixir (amrita) to be churned out from the Ocean. In the process, a deadly poison called Halahala sprang out, destroying everything in contact.

Remembered by the gods, Lord Shiva appeared there and sipped the whole Halahala, thereby saving them all. The poison caused the throat of Shiva to turn blue, giving Him the title Neelkantha (Blue-throated).

The Halahala poison represents the six enemies namely anger, greed, lust, envy, illusion and madness. Generally the entire world remains infected with these negative emotions. One must, therefore, worship Shiva whose mere name when chanted without any offense drives away those nemeses.

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