Gem testing Update – 1

Today is my 5th day of wearing a brilliant 6 carats natural Ceylone Blue Sapphire on left middle finger and no other energy item on body. Observations as below
1) Feeling focussed and calm from second day of wearing.
2) Vibrations in the Ajna chakra
3) Very clear thinking. It is not allowing me to focus on any lower chakra thoughts. Thoughts are only focussed on goals and targets.

4) Better energy is felt when ring is very tight against my skin so that gem touches skin firmly and is not moving about. My ring was loose, so I circled some thread around it .

Saturn is Lord of 8th and 9th house and debilitated in Aries in 11th house in my birth chart.  So no astrological conclusion is reached.

Conclusion reached: Blue Sapphire works on left middle finger and on Ajna chakra.

In next phase, I will wear this on other fingers and as pendant to see effects. For now, my focus is in finding the best place.

I am starting Coral ring tomorrow on right ring finger as that is the best plausible place from my knowledge of chakras and their association with fingers.

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