Gems Update Part – II

Started wearing a bright red Japanese coral of 6.3 carats in copper ring today morning (Tuesday 2nd October) on right hand ring finger.


By afternoon started feeling drowsy in my office chair. Had to excuse myself for the constant yawning and it seemed too bothersome to work. By 3:00 pm lost coherence and had trouble grasping things. Had a very important marketing meeting and had to ask people to repeat things so that I can understand. Reading documents was impossible as I had no focus and thus gave up. Felt I was in another world. By 5:00 pm, started feeling pressure in the chest. Heart chakra was getting blocked and I heard the heart say “Hey, you have put some other colour.. I want green and not red”.. meaning this finger is for heart and not root chakra. By 9:00 pm now, I have  severe pain  in the heart… breathing is shallow and I really cannot afford a heart attack at this age. Now >have removed the gem and moved to right hand little finger. Seems that should be the finger of the root chakra. It is of shortest length implying first chakra.. and as such middle finger which is longest length did work for Ajna chakra. Have tied a thread to make ring fit this finger.
Mars is Lord of 6th and 11th house in my chart, so very malefic. Also I am manglik. So according to Anukool system, it should not work for me. But I like to stick to present hypothesis that gems should work for all and it is just about finding the right finger and combination. Am now looking forward to see its effect on right little finger.


A gem probably works fastest when worn on the day it is meant for. I wore Blue Sapphire on a Thursday but started feeling best effects by Saturday. I wore Coral today and in just few hours, realised its effects.
Right hand ring finger is definately not the place for this Gem.  I suggest all those wearing this here, to remove it, till I find the place.
The gem does show effect in copper. Need to check for other metals in phase II.


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