How does Astrology help? Do Predictions come true?

Astrology-PredictionsHow does Astrology help? Do Predictions come true?

Down through the years there have always been people firmly convinced that our lives on earth are mysteriously influenced by the celestial bodies – the moon, the planets and the stars. It has been estimated that up to 1 billion people on earth today “believe in or follow astrology to some extent”. Many of the rich and famous of this world consult astrologers, convinced that the knowledge they gain will help them be successful in life. It is claimed that many major Fortune 500 companies consult astrological advice for major decision making.

The real power of astrology is not merely in the horoscopes which are published in so many modern newspapers and magazines. Every day these horoscopes contradict each other in so many ways – and indeed, most professional astrologers complain that these columns are vastly oversimplified at best and “utter nonsense” at worst. No, the real power of astrology comes into play when someone goes to a professional astrologer for advice concerning their life and the decisions they must make. The astrologer may be able to come up with many amazing insights concerning the person’s character and things that have happened to them in the past. This is attributed to knowledge gained through the charts. When many things are revealed about an otherwise unknown person, amazement and credulity are often the results. People drop their defences and begin to believe very much in what the astrologer says or recommends. If he explains this power in terms of the stars then this may be believed without question. Before long a person can become dependent on the advice and counsel of professional astrologers for every major decision. Pretty soon all the events in a person’s life – good and bad, may be interpreted in the light of the astrologer’s pronouncements. In my opinion all predictions and forecasts by astrologers and psychics is Just “Hypnotism”. These people have well developed Ajna chakra which allows them to hold a thought or intent for a sufficiently long time and once you have Faith in them.. they push that thought to you by intent and you start Creating your reality based on what they told you. Our ancient texts have clearly stated that “You are the Creator of your Destiny”. No one .. and not even Lord Brahma the Creator can tell you what will happen tomorrow.. Your tomorrow will come from your thoughts and the lessons you have to learn. Truly said that “Your God is as powerful as your Faith in Him”.. So if you wish to allow astrologers and psychics to become powerful, it is your choice.

People go to astrologers because of an deep insecurity concerning the future. People want something they can hold onto to give them more control over their lives and destinies. People would like to know the future, avoid tragedy if possible and find any comfort to ease the pain which comes with the harsh blows of life. By looking at the chart an astrologer can see the malefic planets and the kind of lessons one has come to learn in this birth.  Also chart shows Dashas and Anterdashas of planets. An ideal astrologer would be one who helps one realise these lessons through awareness, self introspection, yantras, Rudraksha, Japa and prayers and also help one utilise the good periods in his life for gains and opportunities and strengthen the strong planets by gems and other means and help to make one’s life better. So if your today is corrected, you will create a better tomorrow.

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