How to Cultivate Joy

Joy is a state of being that is independent of the triggers of the external world. Joy is not the same as happiness. It is far deeper and fuller and lasts longer than happiness. Happiness is often fleeting and depends on external circumstance or events.

When, regardless of your circumstances you find yourself being in joy, you have discovered your true nature – Sat Chit Ananda. Your basic core is Ananda and whatever you do is only out of Ananda. Do not align with sadness, unhappiness or sorrow. If you do that, you cease to exist and in that semi-human state, people are capable of doing inhuman things. Remember that your real truth is only Ananda, that too 24/7.

Joy doesn’t mean you are smiling and happy all the time. Joy is the spring that comes forth from within when you align with your soul. It is a small, quiet stream that flows with bliss and peace. You mental attitude is a magnet and every moment you spend in joy magnetizes another moment of joy. When you see you are joy, you are drawn to more joy.

3 Ways to cultivate Joy in Life

Uncover the Truth – You need to realise that joy is not something you need to find. Joy is your Soul nature. You are joy itself. You only need to realise that your real core is happiness. We come to this world in that state, but are battered by life’s experiences and our wrong perceptions into believing that we are limited beings. Spend time with people who give you happiness. The more you realise this is your true nature, the more you connect with your real identity, you will attract and become a magnet for positive events and more joy.

Release Struggle and Blame – Joy comes when you understand that everything that happens in your life is brought to you by the Universe to evolve you to your Higher Self. Trust the universe that is always working for you. In order to become truly happy, when something happens, accept it first and then think how you can change it. For example, if you want to change a habit, confront it first and accept that it should go. Don’t find reasons to evade the truth. It is important to realise what you can change, what you can’t. What you can’t change you have to accept. There is no good in blaming destiny, charts or the Gods. Affirm that you are the creator of your life, and that you can create any life you want for yourself

Live in the Now – The world of the Soul does not know sorrow or pain. It knows only love, joy, and bliss. Joy is a feeling experienced in the Heart Chakra in the present moment, not something you will have in the future. You must sense how beautiful and perfect your Soul is. Bring your soul’s joy into your daily life, into the present moment. Imagine your soul as an enormous light, surrounding and penetrating your physical body like a sphere of light. Allow the union to open you to a new level of joy, your soul’s joy. Sense how beautiful and perfect you are as a soul, how full of joy and love.

You are free to choose what you want, and create what you like in life. Joy lies in knowing that you are the captain of your ship. You can steer it in any direction you want. Trust yourself. Trust your Creator that the future holds promise. Each time you feel good about yourself, even when someone is critical of you, you are choosing joy. Each time you do this, you create freedom in your life by freeing yourself from every external trigger.

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