Lessons of Swathisthana Chakra

Swathisthana Chakra is located 2 inches below the navel; it is the chakra of unions. It is the centre of the soul where all lessons are learned through attraction of suitable lessons through people and situations. It can be union of a husband wife, employer and employee, supplier and customers, client and job, teacher and student, brother and sister. Unions happen for happiness, joy, pleasure, development, for lessons to be learnt, for exposure of our deepest fears, exposure of our innate talents. Every union triggers something.  It is either exposure of your incompetency or bringing forth of the warrior within you that lifts a veil from your unconscious. Then either you move ahead and face or sit back with fear and dislike.

All unions are soul based- Either it a body union (for human experience) or mind-body union (for mental evolution) or soul union (for life purpose).  All unions are for evolution only. All our unions are there to teach us, bring the best out of us. It is a constant process going on in our lives of making egos and dissolving them on realization. Every union teaches us how to survive, grow and develop. It is “beliefs fears” within us that makes Universe send us “Tests” or challenges so that in the process of handling the test, we learn how to release the fear. So if feel

  • We cannot defend ourselves… Universe sends us enemies
  • We are not good enough… Universe sends us people/situations that pull us down
  • We cannot accept… Universe sends us unimaginable situations that we cannot accept but cannot escape from also.
  • We are not supported… Universe removes our support, so that we learn to stand.
  • We cannot forgive… Universe sends us love that betrays us.
  • We cannot express… Universe sends us difficult situations in which we need to speak out to resolve them

This is the Chakra that brings completeness in our lives. The answers are all within us. We don’t have to learn. We have to just unlearn what we have been conditioned with. We can either find this “Completeness” by attracting our desires and dropping them by fulfillment… or just delve deep within in meditation and discovering that it is already there. We can resolve our lessons by either facing the situations thrown to us or just delving within our divine self and bringing them to surface.  16 mukhi Nepal Rudraksha helps one balance this chakra to learn lessons of completeness within.

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