Life – 6 You are God in waiting

Life – 6 You are God in waitingNow I tell you a story. The Supreme Brahman (ever pervading consciousness) in order to “experience” created Life in its many forms. And its highest form was Man. To man it gave a Mind whose faculties were the senses.. the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, intuition etc. The mind could experience pleasure, pain, hatred, love, gratification and all different emotions that consciousness wanted to experience. For this the mind was given a Power and that was the power to Create.. Create his own destiny by the power of his thoughts.

It was left to mind to create a beautiful world around him with love, abundance, beauty or a world ridden by war, ugliness and poverty. Both the extremes were experiences for the consciousness. Initially the mind given a conciousness (MC) to be in the first dimension state meaning a very raw state where its impulses were to just to satisfy his lusts. But in order that the mind does not forget where he came from and where he has to go back, his Higher consciousness (HC) was created. The HC knew the path and the ultimate Goal which was the ascension of the mind consciousness to that of the Supreme Brahman so that the ultimate merger can take place. So the HC planned the path carefully, giving the mind different experiences which were aimed to gratify the senses and also elevate him through realisation of the higher truths. In order that mind follows the highest truths in realisation of all the senses divine energies were implanted in his body in the different chakras that were connected to his sense organs.

The energy of Ganesha in root, Krishna in Sacral, Rama in manipura… Durga in Sahasrara. The powers and properties of these energies were made known to the mind through different books and mass consciousness. Mind was given approx one lifetime to gratify at least one sense. Every sense when gratified through different experiences and realisations activated that divine energy to bless him and elevated him to the next chakra and at the same time the MC activated to a higher dimension. But HC did not have complete control over the mind as mind was

Master of its own destiny and could choose from the several choices in the path.

All desires and Karma (beliefs that mind formed) were stored in the MC. So the path of the mind was written and re-written by HC several times, depending on the choices it took. Since mind was connected to the different chakras, a lower emotion of grief, laziness, fear, powerlessness, low confidence, rigidity, pessimism blocked the chakra and caused him pain.. So ultimately the mind realises the need of choosing the higher emotions of love, action, forgiveness, confidence, acceptance and gratitude. So it was guidance of the HC and creation of the mind through which the creation carried out its experiences on earth.

When lifetime of one body was complete, the MC at the last stage was carried over and implanted in the next body the mind took. The body and the circumstances for the new birth were chosen by the HC for the mind to learn the

lessons. The astrology chart, palm lines indicate the broad path chosen by the HC to traverse that lifetime. Ultimately the “aware” mind in its journey for fulfilment starts developing more and more close association to the HC.. it starts hearing the inner voice and starts following the path laid down by the HC. For this the mind has to the develop stillness of thoughts so that the Inner silence can be heard. The inner voice has all the answers.. where he has come from.. where he has to go and how he will ascend in life. The mind resorts to meditation, mantra chanting, wearing Rudraksha, Yantra etc in order to connect more to HC and to achieve realisation of chakras and expand its MC.

Now what is MC – mind consciousness actually… well it is our DNA which we can call in spiritual terminology Divine Nature Activated. A FULLY REALISED DNA IS GOD. Science tells us that human only use 3% of their DNA and 97% is considered junk or alien DNA because they can’t figure out what it is for. The 97% of your

DNA that’s not activated is GOD waiting to be activated in man. As the chakras get realised, the junk DNA codes become active and the mind develops different Siddhis (powers). Total there are 64 DNA Codons and Vedas say that a realised Human being achieves 64 Siddhis.

We will talk more about DNA and its activation later.

So dears you are God in waiting.

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