Mantra Siddhi

30-35 minutes is quite an unbelievable time frame for chanting this mantra unless you are singing it with tune:) or your mind goes away elsewhere. Fast repetition is fine till you are saying the complete words (in mind ofcourse) with intent. You see the Pundits who do Japa for us.. They can chant Gayatri mantra in 3 minutes for one mala which I also take 10-15 minutes. They have practice and don’t lose focus or pronunciation. Remember it is mental pronunciation and not through moving lips.. so if mind is nicely focussed.. you can chant faster than light. Also I would like to clarify one thing, that it is not necessary to know the meaning of the mantra in order for it to work.. just your intent of chanting should be clear. I know this would sound surprising for you.. but think about it.. how are you supposed to know the meaning of “Om Hreem Namah” or “Hreem Shreem Kleem….” ? These are sounds that activate divine chanting them will give results. On another note, I wanted to tell you the meaning of Om Namah Shivaye.. usually it is thought that it means I bow to SHiva.. but actual meaning is “I am none other than Shiva”

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