In today’s fast paced modern world it seems that many have come to find that the one thing that stands between their happiness is not materialistic wants, but their own mind.

We live each day with thousands of things demanding our minds attention. We think incessantly about a million things that many become slaves to their thinking minds. In fact we think so much that as soon as we have time to be still we don’t even know how to enjoy being quiet and still. The only way you will ever experience peace of mind is by learning to drop the analogical thinking mind. Meditation is a way to help you on the journey of achieving mental clarity and peace. It’s time for you to awaken your mind to it’s potential.

Through mediation you will discover and catch glimpses of a state of consciousness that is truly not self conscious. Meditation will be your tool for deep introspection of your inner being, and will prove to be very valuable in your day to day life. It will help you develop an intimate relationship with your true self. As you develop your inner being you will become valuable to those around you because you are grounded in who you really are.

You can only truly help others when you have become the master of your mind free of false illusions. Many people feel that just because they have the urge to help they are able to help. Unless you really know what your true identity is, which is not your ego, you will only be trying to offer help from something that is an illusion.

The beauty of proper meditation is that it helps you create immense distance in your inner space. It gives you perspective, your level of consciousness changes. It helps you create distance between your thoughts and the witness who watches your thoughts.

The problem for most is that they remain to close to their thoughts, being close means being identified. This is why psychoanalysis never actually solves the causes of your problems, it may help you function more efficiently in society, but you remain on the same level. Your problem is in your thinking and you try to solve it with thinking, still remains within the field of thought.

Meditation gives you vertical growth, it gives you a bird’s eye perspective to see your problems, awareness to freely observe, free of conditioning. You become an impartial observer, being impartial you will see the causes, you gain understanding. There is no need to solve the problem, you just need more understanding. It simply exists because you lack sufficient understanding, not enough awareness.

That’s why we are always able to give someone else great advice, we are far from the problem, we are impartial, we have clarity to see. The person with the problem is too close to it, to identified, he will say “easy for you to say, this isn’t your problem”. Meditation helps you create the distance for you to see clearly.

Many say that it would be nice to have peace of mind, to learn to be calm no matter what goes on around them. But as long as you make those things objects of your desire you have already identified yourself as lacking them, thus keeping your self from experiencing peace.

When people begin to attempt meditating they say that is difficult and boring.

When you learn to watch what’s going on inside you, if those thoughts of boredom come up, just watch them. Explore why you are telling yourself this is boring, pay attention to your feelings, where is it coming from? There is a huge growing experience hidden, just need to explore it.

“There are strange moments in life when the mind rests without any kind of worries. When our mind is quiet, when our mind is in silence, then the new arrives.”- Samael Aun Weor

Meditation is the act of allowing the thoughts in your mind to cease. When you drop your mind you will experience oneness with the universe. You will realize that everything really is intimately interconnected and multi dimensional. The only thing that keeps you thinking you are separate is your body and mind.

When you are asleep and disconnect your mind from your body your consciousness is one with the universal consciousness. Mediation is your key in transcending the confines of your body and mind to consciously experience a higher state of universal awareness. Through a daily discipline of meditation you will become more mindful and calm.

Calmness is the ideal state in which you should receive and take part in your life’s experiences. Some one who is calm has the mental clarity to handle any situation that life throws at him. Even mindedness should be your goal, learning to maintain a clear headed mind state helps you with enjoying and dealing with a fast paced lifestyle.

The more that you focus your attention within, you will begin to feel a new power and new peace rise up within you. Meditation is the ability to stay actively calm. Meditation does not even have to be what many associate meditation with, which is to get into a lotus position and start chanting a mantra.

Any activity that you enjoy can be meditation; you just need to learn to be watchful of whatever you are doing. Learning to be fully present in any activity is meditation. Jogging through the forest and being observant of everything going on inside you without judgment is meditation. It is however important to incorporate a daily routine of meditation and do it earnestly and consistently if you are to reap the rewarding effects.


  1. Pick a nice comfortable place where to meditate.
  2. Find a comfortable position to sit. Sitting on a chair or on the floor, does not really matter as long as it is comfortable for you.
  3. Close your eyes, and start watching your breath… See how you breathe in and breathe out
  4. Your mind will keep on going to events of yesterday and tomorrow.. the moment you realize your mind has “run away” gently bring it back to “breathe in breathe out”

Do this practice for first few days. Increase the time period you are able to watch your breath without break . After this start watching your thoughts. Your thoughts always follow a “Link building process”.. One thought links to the other thought .. You have to Break that link.. Disconnect two thoughts together.

So the moment a thought comes, break it and stop it from connecting and try to find the space where there is no thought in your mind. Then again a thought will rise up, drop it immediately before it tries to link with some other thought..

Try to focus on that “Space” where there are no thoughts.. Do this activity several times in the day whenever you get free time.. in office , at home, in train, in car . You have to get control of this Monkey chatter of the mind to get control over it. Your mind will many times feel like several horses all running in different directions and you have to make immense effort to control them.. Don’t worry, it is just an exercise. More you practice.. more you achieve. A time will come, when your TPS (thoughts per second Rate) will drop …

You will start getting a pleasurable, cool feeling .. as now you have started connecting with the divine within. The joy of BEING will take over.

Please start doing this asap… I did the above exercise for just 20 days and it made immense changes in my life in all aspects . Once the mind gets controlled, it does not slip back to its previous state. You tame the monkey mind. After that you can train the mind to manifest wealth, relationships, success… You name it !

Location in body – At the navel centre

When your Manipura Chakra is closed – You feel like a victim in the world and often feel powerless relative to other people and circumstances. You give your power away to others as you feel this is necessary to keep peace in relationships. You suffer from stomach pains and stomach anxiety.

When your Manipura Chakra is opened – You have a strong sense of your own power and how to use it in healthy ways. You admire others with power and influence and choose to emulate people who are using their personal power to make a difference in the world. You want to use your power and influence for good in the world.

Blocked by – Reliving grudges or painful memories of past ,worrying about future, feeling powerless against the circumstances.

Symptoms of blockage ( you may exhibit one or more of these ) Loss of self esteem, anger arising from sense of victimization. Affects pancreas and adrenals. Problems with liver, digestive tract, gall bladder. Person suffers from constipation, acidity, hyper tension, chronic fatigue and gut ailments.

Diabetes and skin ailments are also due to blockage in this chakra.

Associations – Wealth, Power and status

Meditation to heal the chakra

Put your hands before your stomach slightly above the Navel . Let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs. It is important to straighten the fingers.

Concentrate on the Navel and chant the sound RAM.

  • I release belief that I lack in power
  • I release belief that I lack physical energy
  • I release belief that external world has power over me
  • I release all past grief, resentments and stored pain from every cell of my body
  • I forgive myself for anything and everything I did out of ignorance
  • I forgive all those people in the past who have hurt me due to ignorance or weakness
  • I release the feeling that I am unable to take in sweetness
  • I release feelings of being lonely
  • I release feelings of being miserable
  • I release fear that I am unable to move forward
  • I release fear that I lack courage to take risk
  • I release inability to honor myself
  • I release fear that I am dependent
  • I release fear that I can’t take care of myself
  • I release all self doubts from every cell of my body
  • I release fear that I am undeserving
  • I release feeling of being guilty
  • I release fear of others thoughts about me
  • I release feeling of being wounded and hurt
  • I release feeling of being helpless and know I can change situations
  • I release fear of being rejected
  • I release fear that nothing works out for me
  • I release belief that I can’t forgive
  • I release pattern of always putting myself down
  • I release fear that others will put me down
  • I release the need to be noticed
  • I release the pattern of being stuck in recreating my pain over and over…
  • I release the feeling that I am invisible
  • I release the feeling that I am easily offended
  • I release the feeling that I am deprived
  • I release the belief that I can’t trust myself
  • I release the belief that I am unworthy of inspiration
  • I release the belief that I am undeserving of God’s support
  • I release the feeling of discouragement from every cell of my body
  • I release the pattern of of self sabotage
  • I release the feeling of disliking myself
  • I release the pattern of self-destructive behaviors
  • I release patterns of fighting myself.

Now do affirmations below:

Thank You God

I am powerful / I am using my power wisely / I am deserving / I have high self-esteem / I deserve joy and happiness / I am creating my thoughts about myself and my life / I am light hearted / I am the ability to take in the sweetness of life

Thank you God,

I am moving forward with my life / I deserve to be all that I can be / I am worthy of God’s time and support / I have value / I am fulfilled / I am myself in the present moment/ My needs are as important as others / I give myself permission to use my power.

Thank you God,

I am creating a satisfying life / I am one success after another success / I am healing / I am vibrant / I am experiencing /others are interested in what I have to say / I am confident and secure / I give myself permission to be happy / all is well.

Thank you God,

I deserve inner peace / loving others is easy when I love and accept myself / I love who I am and I assert my power wisely / I get things done / I am relaxed / I get it done now / I am creating completion in perfect timing / I am attracting the help I need / I am love / I am positive / I am open to new ways of doing things / I am happiness /I am forgiving of myself and others / I am what I think I am…

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