Now with evolving consciousness more and more people are becoming aware that their life is not governed by events outside their control, but created by perceptions, fears, dreams and desires of their own minds. So whatever your mind can believe, it can create. People who understand this are able to lead a life of their choice.  So the Key is to harness the mind through different ways.. In Hindu religion we do by meditation, prayers, Yoga, Pranayam, japa.. In the west the same effect is obtained through positive affirmations, Sound, reading/listening to great people.. All these are nothing but positively Hypnotizing the mind.. Since our mind is a metaphysical object it can be affected only by thoughts and words and these are just Sounds. There are two types of sound – ‘aahat’ and ‘anahat’. The sound formed by friction is ‘aahat’ and the sound that is formed without any friction is ‘anahat’ sound. Anahat is the sound made by the heart.. We can translate that as “Desire:.. whatever your heart desires through this Sound… gets energy to become true.

Importance of Sound:
According to Vedic Philosophy, at the beginning of the universe there existed the cosmic sound i.e. the ‘nadabrahma’. The activities of the universe began through this ‘nadabrahma’. The manifested form of the ‘nadabrahma’ is ‘Omkar’. Or, in other words we can say that the unmanifested form of ‘Omkar’ is the ‘nadabrahma’. ‘Omkar is the sacred sound of the universe.

In the Patanjal Yogasutras (Verses on Yoga by Rishi Patanjali), Rishi Patanjali says, ‘tasya vachakaha pranavaha’ :1.27, meaning ‘Omkar’ is His (Ishwar’s/Almighty’s) symbol. Mandukya Upanishad says that all that was, is and will be in the universe is ‘Om’.

Experiencing Nadabrahma –
One of the easiest path of experiencing this ‘nadabrahma’ is music. Sound is a manifested form of the ‘nadabrahma’. Music is the art form of sound. Hence, through music we can enjoy and experience the bliss of the ‘nadabrahma’.

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