Need Help about Mantras to recite for deep trouble

Need Help about Mantras to recite for deep troubleThanks for your insight. I feel that such situations can be handled by first realising the powers that you have over that person. He is saying that his brother is in bad company, not guilty and at the same time non repentant even though the family is selling property one after the other. At the same time we cannot deny that the family loves him a lot and cannot throw him out or allow him to commit some grossly act like suicide, theft or go in prison. I remember a poetry in this –

“Humko Ko to Apno Ne mara, Gairon mein Kya Dum tha?”
I was destroyed by my own people, outsiders never had that courage.

So it is your own children, spouses and Kins that can do this to you. So how to handle a situation which is not leave it and forget it.

  1. Realise you have power. Don’t fret and fume and resort to accusations and sorrows and fights. These just take energy.
  2. Accept the person as he is and surrender to divine to illuminate his intellect.
  3. Nicely and sweetly take away whatever powers you have given him.. like money and material things.. In his case any property or vehicle or account in his name as you have to Pay off the loan. In case of children take away their mobile, Internet access and TV card and credit card 🙂
  4. Release all fears of Tantrums from the other person. Let him resort to banging doors, huffing and puffing for a while.. although my experience says that the moment you take away powers, the other party becomes weak. It is important that you be firm and cool at that time.
  5. Let the person repent or Sulk for few days and don’t talk to him. Solve the situation at your end for the mess that he has created.
  6. Once you feel the time is right.. Hug the person.. tell him how much you all love him and want him in your life.. But don’t give him the powers. If very much needed for basic survival, give him very minimal powers but with conditions. If you melt and give away all powers in the false Illusion that the person has changed, it would be a blunder. Being firm with a family person is difficult but needed in these times.

This will help him come back on right track.

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