Nepal or Java Beads

If Java beads were not effective, we would not have been dealing in them. They

are very effective and 70% of our clients are wearing them due to their small

sizes and affordability of the powerful higher mukhis in them. I agree that for

a new client, the Nepal beads look more attractive because of size and clarity.

But finally when it comes to effect, Java beads are good too although they take

few weeks more than Nepal beads. My father Mr Seetha wears Indrakshi combination

of Java beads only. Most of the testimonials on our website are of Java beads.

There are suppliers who do negative publicity of Java beads in order to promote

Nepal beads for the sheer reason that they are unable to procure these beads due

to language barriers and distance to Indonesia and cannot see profit in them due

to low price. At Rudra Centre, we have good access to the Local villagers in the

interiors of Java Island and are able to get these beads at good prices. We are

not affected by negative publicity because it deters other suppliers from buying

them and increasing competition. Our clients have full faith in us and buy and

see results too.

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