New Season

New season has started in Indonesia and beads have started coming in from various sources. With Rupee at Rs 54 to a dollar, the beads are very expensive and competition as usual to procure them increases every year. There were 3 Trijutis in the market which were grabbed by 3 different sources in Indonesia and I had to pay them their asking price to get hold of all 3. Am trying to get hold of all 21 mukhis also. Beads are quite limited as for some reason the production becomes lesser each year. Since we only aim for complete, clear and healthy beads we have to pay high prices, compared to some buyers who buy all light weight, incomplete, small and big beads as a whole lot. Good news is that now we do have 17, 18, 19 mukhis and 21 mukhis for customers who had been waiting since a long time.

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