New Year for me

2017 came on wheels and rolled by before I could even ride on it. We have been literally thrown into the Next year. Last year resolutions will now be applied to the New year as none were met. This is time to introspect what I learned this year. I learned that:

That Life will always be like a trampoline pushing you up and down. But you go down only to rise higher.

I learned that instead of blaming, people, situations or self for mistakes, we need to align to learning what the situation is teaching us.

I understood that we need to use technology to make life simpler.

I am giving up on controls in every aspect of life so that life can take charge of it

I learned to open up to trust life a lot more.

I have never made goals in life as they make you so narrow visioned and close your heart with selfishness and needs. I am learning more and more to take each new day as it comes. It comes to me fresh and bubbly with lots and lots of gifts of new opportunities that keep me on my toes the whole day. I see life stuck or in a rush for those who pre plan their life with goals and thus avoid that.

I have understood that we are so pure and so brutally truthful and honest in our true core. This innocence of the soul keeps me humble and respect other beings as I know the same core is in them also. I eagerly await the uncovering of all the dark clouds of illusion that covers our pristine self.

I have learned to value friendships and relationships more this year. They keep you grounded and make you feel so loveable.

I am learning to pause, look, feel, hear and touch in slow motion. There is less of doing and more of being in me now.

I have released dependency on family and career to realise the completeness of the self. I have also released the illusion of responsibility for family and work to come out of controls and expectations. I am tuning to my natural self which is loving, caring, nurturing and powerful yet independent.

I look at the moon, sun, stars, flowers, birds and animals for inspiration. How joyfully they smile and how diligently they live their true being day after day.

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