Please advise the verse of navagrah mantra

I am writing below. These are powerful Tantric version of Navagraha mantras.You may chant 1 or 5 malas of these on their respective days. We also offer aNavagraha Japa Puja where for 9 days, the Pundits chant 1.25 lakhs times mantra

for each graha on its respective day and complete with a Homa for that planet.

This way the mantra is energised and ready for you to use.

Sun Sunday Om Hreem Hraum Suryaye Namah

Moon Monday Om Aim Kleem Somaye Namah

Mars Tuesday Om Hoom Shreem Bhomaye Namah

Mercury Wednesday Om Aim Shreem Budhaye Namah

Jupiter Thursday Om Hreem Kleem Brahaspatayei Namah

Venus Friday Om Hreem Shreem Shukraye Namah

Saturn Saturday Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shanescharaya Namah

Rahu Tuesday Om Aim Hreem Rahave

Ketu Wednesday Om Hreem Aim Ketve Namah


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Navgraha Mantra Siddhi
The nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) play a major role in our life. Describing the significance of worshipping Navgrahas (nine planets), Lord Vishnu told Rudra -‘One who worships the Navgraha with

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Navagraha Shanti

This powerful combination has rudraksha to pacify all malefics of planets. 10 mukhi and 11 mukhi rudraksha together control all 9 planets. This combination relieves the wearer of stress, low self esteem , negative energies/thoughts and obstacles. 12 mukhi Surya rudraksha gives

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