Queries About Rudraksha

Queries About Rudraksha

Yes you may wear any day in the morning after bath and remembering Lord SHiva

by chanting “Om Namah Shivaye” few malas. It is good to wash the beads with

water every few days to cleanse them. Offering incence fumes to beads keeps them

energised. Keep them on a clean plate or an empty box whenever you are not

wearing them. When you cannot wear them for an extended period, keep them in

refrigerator as they like cold climate. This way, they will be energised all

life. Nepal beads work faster than Java beads, however the price of rare higher

mukhis are quite attractive in Java, so many people opt for Java version to get

the immense power of these beads. Higher mukhis have immense powers of healing

and also attracting positive circumstances in one’s life.

Say the wish in the positive sense and in the Now.. for eg:- I am buying a House

in Beverly Hills Now. Say this again and again in your mind like Ajapa- Japa for

21 days.. It will materialse if you believe in it from the deepest core of your

heart and have no fear or doubt or negativity in the belief materialising.

sade saathee

This is a complicated question about astrology. I hope someone in the group

will help us with the answers for this.

Personally I feel if you follow the remedies written in last email, all Saturn

malefics are dissolved. Karmic debt is another word for “Limiting beliefs”.

Getting deeper into one’s birth chart and complicating life more than what it

already is does not make much sense.

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