Query Regarding Water Beads

Rudraksha is a bead that if taken care of can last several 1000’s of years. If

the bead is allowed to dry in shade (not sun) and soaked in the evening and

water consumed in the morning and care taken to see that it does not catch

fungus or insects due to insufficient drying or prolonged soaking in water for

several days at a stretch which can decay the seeds inside.. it will be

effective for a long time.

I personally feel so because Rudraksha for wearing lasts for several lifetimes..

so why not this bead, just because it is soaked in water. Beads love water just

as Lord Shiva loves Abhisheka.



Water Beads

Lowers cholesterol, maintains blood pressure. Good for health. Three beads have to be soaked in a glass of water every night and water consumed first thing in the morning. Beads are then kept in a bowl and left to dry and preferably kept in refrigerator. Read more


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