Rise to the place of peace and harmony in relationships – Lessons of the Heart Chakra

If you are ready to experience a place of peace and harmony in your relationships, you have to first understand how do you feel about them in your heart? If your immediate response is the feeling of unpleasantness and anger towards them, you have work to do yourself. It starts with YOU. The lessons of the Heart Chakra teaches us to be empathetic towards each other’s role play in life. An unconditional acceptance has to set in which comes when you realise your power to Forgive, Understand, Enforce or Let Go when needed as per situation. Let not the memories of past hurt and bitterness cloud the new love trying to enter you. Every situation has a lesson embedded in it. Learn from it and go beyond the story that taught you this.

Relationships come with some things you would like, and, some things you would not like, there will be expectations met, and, there will be expectations not met, there is more that you are giving in a relationship, and, less is coming from another side. This list goes on. But, what is important to understand that relationships are complex as two people cannot be on the same page always or two people cannot behave or express like the other. Additionally, the dynamic of relationships is naturally complicated as they come with twisted knots of past life karmas done together. The key ingredients that make a peaceful relationship are.

Allow Space– In a relationship, if you are too much in control or you are being controlled – there will be trouble in the relationship sooner or later. You have to let the other person just Be. He or She will learn and evolve with time as the nature of life is to create awareness or light. True Love in relationships starts with understanding each other’s space, and not controlling the other through dependency or over expectations. As Khalil Gibran says “ Love one another, but not make a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls”.

Practice Acceptance – Accept their faults, mistakes just like you accept and discount yourself. Nothing can ever go so wrong that you cannot correct. A little patience and an attitude of rising above negativity will go a long way to make the other person be more natural and joyful with you.

Transform with Love Know that you can only change someone with Love. Use communication to understand and be understood and keep your heart open by not criticising and belittling the other.

Practice Honesty and good values – You are loved not because of what you do for the other, but because of who you are. Being a nice person makes way into the other persons heart and makes you sit there. Be generous, selfless, honest, kind and compassionate and you will be the treasured gem for your beloved.

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