Rudraksha and black majic

Because I have personally through my friends know people who practice tantric

rituals which also enables them to do vashikaran, harm others through black

magic etc.We have not used in many places, but in few products that open the

Swathisthana chakra and make one fearless, so that people who are seeking relief

in this can identify with that.

The tantrics are again Con people and in the recent times many such fake rackets

have been busted in India where these tantrics forced fathers to have sex with

their daughters or kill small children to get special powers. They make people

do impossible and horrible acts in the hope of getting Siddhis.. Please see the

state of tantrics themselves.. most of them live in poverty and in hiding and

they have clients attached to them for years only because of fear.

Negative energy can only harm the person who has that. Please refer to the

article I posted the other day that between the Hater and the Hated.. it is the

Hated who suffers. No one can do tantric rituals on your without destroying

themselves. As a rule all Human beings love the following things

1) Love

2) Appreciation

3) Money, comforts

4) power

5) family, bonding

etc.. This is in our dna.. as we are all unmanifested Gods.. No one will go out

of the way and do tantric rituals and destroy another person or another family

members just for “jealousy” etc.

Most important question for you today is to face the fact that ” Do you want to

get healed” .. If yes.. stop



Ten Mukhi

Ten mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Lord Krishna Avatar of Lord Narayan. One who wears it, gets eternal peace. This rudraksha works like a shield on one’s body and the wearer gets immense protection from negative energies, evil eye and psychic attacts . Gives success in court cases, land deals and relieves wearer from debts and losses.

Benefits : Peace, protection , pacifying malefic of planets .  Read more


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