Rudraksha and Blood Sugar

3 MukhiA disease is an unnatural state in the body that happens because of severe blockage of Chakra for a long time. Blood sugar imbalance happens due to blockage of Manipura chakra located on the Navel. When a person is very senstive to criticism, feels powerless, victimized/taken for granted and lacks ability to show his powers in his interactions with people and turn situations in his favour, his Manipura gets blocked. This is the seat of the Sun where you rise and shine. Every one of us has duty and birth right to realise and execute our powers in every given situation to our advantage.. I repeat “to our advantage” because ultimately you have come alone in this world to learn lessons on “successful survival” on this earth.. in which sacrifice and suffering has no role.. The end result is your happiness, peace and success.  a win-win in a social interaction.. but due to fears we choose to give away our powers to maintain peace. We need to either accept, forgive and move on or change the situation to our advantage. But we do neither.. Either we carry on the past baggage of hurt and criticism or become powerless and feel victimised in the process. But ultimately, the lessons have to be learnt, albeit with a disease like imbalance in blood sugar due to malfunctioning of organs relation to Manipura chakra which are the liver and pancreas.
A 3 mukhi Rudraksha  helps cleanse the past baggage or suffering while a 12 mukhi Rudraksha works powerfully to unblock the Manipura chakra by providing confidence, self power, energy and the motivation to lead a successful life.

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