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Mrs. Gandhi (senior) wore them; so do Yehudi Menuhin, B. K. S. Iyengar or for

that matter Chandrachur Singh. Probably the best of the berries ever produced in

the alternative therapies, is catching on like never before.

Considered a major stress reliever, easer of circulatory problems and, of

course, as the best worry beads, the berry (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus) was first

spotted in Indonesia and is now grown in Nepal and Haridwar However, because it

is expensive, clinical research of its medicinal properties has not been

possible, often resulting in the berry being subjected to esoteric mumbo jumbo.

Says a researcher in Pune, who has done some path-breaking work in the field.

But refuses to be named. “I have found that Rudraksha helps relieve blood

pressure and lessons stress. Soak it in a glass of water overnight and the next

day to relive stomach disorders. Dip in til (sesamese) oil for 21 days, and

apply it on your aching joints to get relief .

But “one must approach the Rudraksha with a mixture of open mindedness, and

dogmatism, rationalism as well as emotion, to get positive feedback,” he says.

“That’s probably why many who put it under their pillow have sworn that it cured

them of their insomnia.”

Ancient medical texts claim that the Rudraksha can prevent ageing and can

prolong life. The beads are supposed to be anti-pyretic, antihelminthic, and

antiparalysant and can help balance the vital chakras of the human body which

control bile, wind and phlegm. It also said to heal those suffering from

hypertension and heart ailments. Besides , as it is completely without any side

effects it cannot do you any harm. That explains why the old materia medica

literature allows its use for menstruating women while banning other beads and


Source: TribuneIndia

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