I am happy to see that there are several who would like to know how to make their dieties give blessings to them. In Shaligrams usually you will find Saw tooth edges and as they circle the entire Shaligram, a point will always come when the Sawtooth disappear. That is His FACE. There is no Shaligram in the world where there are saw tooth edges all over in a circle without a break. So the plain surface is the face of the Lord. Sometimes I find the plain surface jutting out also from the circle of Saw tooth. If one were to drill this surface, the hole will always show Chakras top and bottom ( like Narasimha teeth). So a Gap or hole in the Shaligram (where chakras are visible) is also His face. Absolutely round Shaligrams ( called Ladoo Gopals) are good.. because they have face everywhere. There are those that have somekind of white spot or metallic insert on them and rest is plain.. They work when the white spot or mark faces the sky.

Lay the Shaligram flat naturally (widthwise) and orient the face towards North.

There is absolutely no aura when you face His back.. So keep the back towards the wall or throne. Also numbering is very important. If you keep 100 powerful Silas and then add just a tiny Sila to the lot, the aura becomes 0. So the Silas need to be even starting from 0,4,6,8,10,12 … The exception is that 1 Sila also work alone. If you have 2 silas at home, keep in different rooms. I am not much convinced about the names of the Silas as I find all Silas giving good auras, till they are black and shiny.

Also one thing I discovered was that all diety idols, pictures, Silas, Shivlingas,conch shells stop working if you cover them with any non transparent material like cloth etc. Meaning till you are able to see them, they work for you. Maybe this is why the temple gates are closed in afternoons so that Gods can take rest from giving their energies.. Also some families like to cover the dieties after prayers or when they sleep or when they are themselves having food to show respect.

But this does not apply to yantras.. They work even when enclosed .. Yantras are more like sound energy .. Maybe that’s why they have been hidden in tabeez and lockets and almirah safes and buried underground since times immemorial, but they have their own secrets of showing powers. Sometime I will share with you.

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