Significance of Freedom – Happy Independence Day

The greatest gift given to mankind by the universe is his freedom; freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom of speech etc. Freedom is the foremost of all sentiment and emotions; it is one of the most cherished goals of the entire humanity throughout its history.

India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August. Our independence was gained after immense hardships and sacrifices by our fellowmen. There is a lot that we can learn from our freedom struggle. It was leadership abilities of our iconic leaders and freedom fighters, their indomitable willpower, their unconditional love for the country and their huge sacrifices that won us freedom. And most important was the firm belief that Independence is the birthright of every Human being.

On a Spiritual Level, our Soul seeks freedom to become the Creator that He is. We have come from All There IS and are ALL That IS. Dependency on anyone or anything weakens our spirit. On a spiritual level we seek independence of the soul from the clutches of the mind, body and senses and the external world. For meditation and self introspection is needed to bring in the light of true knowledge. Thus on the independence day of our great nation, let’s work towards achieving true independence at an individual’s level. Let’s work towards having:

• Freedom from Desires
• Freedom from Attachments
• Freedom from Boundaries
• Freedom from Limitations
• Freedom to Choose
• Freedom to Think and Act
• Freedom to Experience
• Freedom to Express
• Freedom from Stress and Worries

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