Something very rare

Something very rare - Intelligence Today I am going to talk about something very rare in today’s world. There is a huge vacuum of this and business owners, leaders, governments, societies are suffering because of this dearth. But it is something very essential for success in all fields of life be it relationships, job, business, wealth name it.  Well dears this rare thing is people having a brain that is used. All around us, we find people working with 2 or 3 percent of their brain. What we call brain is not the grey matter but the intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to analyse and process raw data into useful information. But I find people around only churning data after data and then dumping it without using their brain. This is what separates the successful achievers who rise to top ladder in companies with the ones that are frustrated and victimised and who wonder why they are not considered for promotion in spite of the donkey work they did.. Well that is because indeed the work they did was just loading and offloading without analysis. It is analysis that helps a company to grow, to increase efficiency, to save costs, to protect from losses and to have an edge over competition. And this analysis is needed to be done at every level of the business.. From raw material to end user. Companies are scouting for talents and willing to pay any amount for brains.. They don’t want “just 2 hands and 2 feet” what many of its employees are.

So dears the question is that how can one activate this intelligence within us because definitely the grey matter is there but it is dormant. Well the intelligence is activated through the third eye. That’s why all gods are seen with a third eye on their forehead implying they are superior and awakened. The third eye chakra gets blocked … Cemented and clogged because of rigidity and stubbornness in accepting situations and people the way they are and trying to look through world through a self created small window rather than a 360 view. People are full of self created limiting beliefs which does not allow them to view the situations around them wholistically. This view makes them presume beforehand about the situations in front of them and the plausible outcome and thus innovative solutions are not found. Since the situations that come are so dynamic, what is needed is a clean slate of mind so that you can view it afresh without any judgement. Then efficient solutions will emerge. I can talk on and on about the importance of having a non judgemental attitude which will help you completely analyse any given project or situation in a complete manner. It is judgements that create unknown fear and stop you on your tracks.

So dears now the question comes that how can we develop the third eye which is governed by the Ajna chakra

  • Chant Katyayani Durga Gayatri mantra.
  • Do prayers and Japa of Shani mantras.
  • Doing mudras and healing on the Ajna chakra.
  • Increase your focus by meditating and doing japa so that you get control of your mind.
  • Eat almonds, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries and broccoli.
  • Become aware about everything around you. Observe. Think – Why? When? What? How? Just don’t go into a shell and do what captures your attention. Oil your brain continuously by thinking and doing mental simulation activities.

Whenever are given a project or find a challenging situation in front, follow the steps below:

  1. Understand the context: Why is it given, for whom it is and what will be achieved by doing this. Do not be shy to go back to the one who has given the situation/project to you to clarify, because once you have done all the work, then finding that the understanding itself is incorrect is highly explosive.
  2. Then think of different ways of doing it efficiently so that time, money and resources are utilised optimally. If needed always ask an experienced colleague for help..don’t be shy to ask. Release your ego in such situations, for the higher good.
  3. Then execute the solution. Review it for correctness. Think about how this solution has been found in the past by the company/people and what all best can come out of this. Can other things be done so as to help the end user get more value out of this solution?  Can some process be followed so that effective futuristic goals are created and achieved? Just think and use your brain to get wholistic outcomes and develop your brains to think of the future implications. Once you give value to the company by expressing these, your value shines forth. Our brain has huge speed and capacity. It can process all stated in matter of milliseconds.
  4. It is practice that will make this a habit.  Do this for every situation then comes to you however small and after few days, you will become faster at this and it will become ingrained in you like a habit. Analysing properly will even help you save relationships from becoming sour, help you handle home and children better.
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