The Basic Philosophy behind daily worship

The sole aim of performing rituals (of daily worship) and reading scriptures is to attain and enhance excellence within. The Supreme Being, i.e. God cannot be enticed into doing us a favour by material offerings or flattering words. All the conscious (i.e. living, life-force) and unconscious (i.e. non-living) elements of the universe as well as even God Himself is bound and governed by His Divine Law or the Cosmic Order. If God starts returning favour to anyone who praises Him or taking revenge on anyone who insults Him, the cosmic regulatory mechanism would disintegrate and the whole world would slide into a state of complete anarchy. In reality, such things never ever happen. It is a popular misconception that makes people to seek to entice God, to disobey the Divine Law and to think that their offerings can win them God’s favour. Such childish thinking should better be got rid of at the earliest.

Worship is merely a kind of exercise, endeavour or training that helps our field of consciousness to receive and get enriched with excellences. The more one equips his/her consciousness with excellence, the more he/she would excel, progress and become eligible to attain divine status. The main purpose of Upasana (daily worship) is to connect the individual soul with the Supreme Soul. The (individual) soul represents our inner being which the hub of our feelings, beliefs and aspirations. The Supreme Soul (God) represents the pre- eminent ideals. Do remember that the Supreme Soul (God) isn’t a person, form or a named entity but the sum-total of all the excellences, virtues and everything that is good in the world as well as the aggregate of all the individual souls.

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