Weapons of Shiva

Anyone who hears the glory of Lord Shiva and His role in various ‘daiviya yojna’—divine strategies against demons, will instantly feel humbled and bow down to Him.

Shiva, one of the Trinity, holds a prominent role in blessing the worshippers with His divine weapons used against enemies who plotted to disrupt the sentient beings on Earth and other heavenly planets. Following are some of the most powerful weapons of Shiva that were super charged with Vedic hymns before put to use in the destruction of enemies who symbolised vices and illusions.

Teen Baan: Shiva’s one of the most powerful weapons. An arrow from the Teen Baan was enough to destroy the entire hostile force in a war. Given to Barbarika by Shiva, the Baan facilitates the release of three arrows; the first marking the target, the third destroying the target and returning to the bow and the second aimed at marking the target (s) that the shooter wants to save.

Trishul: The personal weapon of Lord Shiva that is infallible and cannot be averted by any divine or demonic energy. The Trishul aka Trident has three pointed blades that several trinities such as that of creation, maintenance and destruction, that of past, present and future, that of the three gunas (Satvik, Rajas and Tamas). Shive while performing His cosmic dance can destroy the three worlds with His Trident. It also signifies the place of the human body where ‘ida’, ‘pingala’ and ‘shushmana’; the three nadis (energy veins) converge at the brow. Of the three, Shushmana being longer than the other blades, the central one leads upward to the Seventh Chakra. The other two nadis culminate at the brow where Sixth Chakra is situated.

Vijaya Bow: This is the weapon of victory (Vijaya) also called as Shiva Dhanush. Lord Shiva asked King Indra to keep under his custody and asked him to give it to Parashurama. Lord Parashurama later gave it to Karna who was his devoted student. The possessor of this weapon gains victory without a doubt, not matter how stronger the hostile force is. The string of the bow cannot be damaged by any divine energy, what to speak of evil forces released by the demons. An arrow released from the bow creates a powerful twang and luminous light that renders the enemy sightless.

Pinaka: It is also called as Shiva Dhanush used to slay the aggressors marching in numbers. It is said that the entire city of Tripura was once destroyed by Shiva with Pinaka. Lord Shiva offered it to Parashurama who in turn gave it to King Janaka. Before the marriage of his daughter Sita, King Janaka put up the Pinaka to be destroyed by the king desiring to marry Sita. It was Lord Rama who broke it apart and won Sita’s heart.

Maheshwarastra: This weapon brims with the energy of Shiva’s Third Eye that opens at His will to destroy the cosmos. The possessor of this weapon can at once burn the lokas (abodes) to ashes.

Rudra Astra: Considered as the powerful weapon, it accommodates the power of one of the Eleven Rudras, the terrible energies of Shiva. In the Mahabharata, Karna attacked Arjuna with Rudra Astra that pierced his Shiva Kavach on his chest. The Kavach lost its spiritual strength due to the powerful strike by Rudra Astra and Arjuna’s grip on his Gandhiva Bow was lost to some extent.

These weapons are as divine as Shiva Himself. Lord Shiva is not partial to anyone nor does He despise anyone from the three worlds nor does He wish to wield His powers. But when His devotees or saints are disturbed by the demonic kings or rulers, He performs the major role in divine plans against the demons wherein He blesses whoever pleases Him with these divine weapons.

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