Happiness & Fulfillment

A time comes in a person’s life when he gets tired of running and finding and again running, then he has to stop and ask himself this question. Whether one is young or old, poor or rich, successful or a failure, a commoner or a royalty, this is a question that no one has escaped in life.

As a rule, most people are discontented with life. Instead of being grateful for what they have, they feel unfilled and chase after unrequited desires. Such people associate happiness with the achievement of a goal. It could be earning wealth, passing an exam, getting a coveted job, acquiring material things like a car or a house or getting that long awaited promotion. On the other hand, some people seek happiness in meeting that special someone, one’s beloved. Others expect their children to give them happiness.

While some are successful in achieving their goals, others experience failure. Whatever the outcome of their desires, people are unknowingly drawn into a cycle of ‘pleasure-and-pain’. How often does one hear people say that, ‘happiness is momentary’ and ‘happiness is always followed by sorrow’? This is the cycle of ‘pleasure-and-pain’ or ‘happiness-and-sorrow’ that keeps alternating in human life.

People who make such statement are the ones who are unaware of an elusive rule of life: The thing that gives you happiness is also capable of causing sorrow in you. This applies not just to the people you holds dear in life, but also to the material objects that you desire. A person you are not connected to cannot make you happy, and hence cannot make you sad. It is only the person you love who has the power to hurt you and make you unhappy. The same principle applies to the concrete goals or objects that you desire in life. While achieving them can make you happy, if you do not succeed in achieving them, it can lead to frustration and sadness in your life.

The more you depend on outer conditions to give you happiness and the more you rely on people to make you happy, you will find yourself surrounded by disappointments. Controlling people or being emotionally dependant on others is not going to make you happy in the long run.

The True Happiness and how can You Achieve it?

Happiness is actually a state of being. It comes when you stop depending on the outside world and develop deep contentment from within. It happens when you stop controlling people and situations around you. It is only when one transcends to a state of being that is devoid of judgment that happiness is experienced as a constant state of mind, which is seamless and non-dependent of any concrete goal or any person. True happiness is that state of mind which is entirely in your volition and no external factor can take it away from you without your consent. Hence, true happiness begins where you stop being judgmental!

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