Why are Rudraksha Beads dear to Lord Shiva?

Just like basil is dear to Lord Vishnu, lotus to Goddess Lakshmi, marigold to Lord Ganesha or oil to Lord Hanuman, Rudraksha beads are the dearest object of divinity to Lord Shiva. The term “Rudraksha” itself symbolizes Lord Shiva. “Rudra” stands for Lord Shiva and “Aksha” for Shiva´s tears. Lord Shiva himself is the first ardent user and admirer of Rudraksha. Shiva Purana mentions that the berries of Rudraksha symbolize the sacred tears of Rudra (Shiva) that dribbled down His cheeks after he returned from his deep meditational state. The tears fell on the earth and turned into seeds out of which Rudraksha trees grew. Later devotees and sages began using Rudraksha as a blessing from Lord Shiva himself to protect mankind from worldly sufferings and miseries.

The glory of Rudraksha Beads is praised in the Vidyeshwar Samhita as: “This Rudraksha is closest to Shiva’s heart. It is the most sacred. It is said that by the virtue, touch and worshipping of Rudraksha brings about destruction of all evils.”

Those men who wish to have wealth, fulfillments and salvation (moksha) should wear the Rudraksha get the blessings of Shiva. In the context of spirituality and meditation, Rudraksha beads sanctify the mind, body and soul of the meditator. When the mind is purified of all the disturbances, one can focus on the Divine and spiritually feel charged-up.

Whoever wears Rudraksha beads on their body is under the divine protection of Lord Shiva who Himself wears them. Rudrksha beads draw you closer to Shiva who wishes all of us return to His eternal abode, where there’s nothing but peace, love and Mahadeva (Shiva).

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