Why bad things happen in Good person’s life ?

When confronted by the challenges of life, it’s very common to hear people complain that they are suffering for no fault of theirs. An obstacle or loss makes them think,  “Why I have to face this? I have never done anything wrong, never hurt or betrayed others. Am I being punished for being a good person?”

Know that it not about being a good or bad person. Anyone who falls from the cliff will be hurt.  Life does not differentiate.  Know that a person who is not aligned to life will suffer. This universe and all of life is governed by certain laws. Until the time you do not internalize these laws, you will face challenges as life will attempt to raise your consciousness to that level.

These laws of life are taught by the seven chakras in your body. A brief glimpse of lessons of the chakras is as below. There are several lessons to be learned but they are not infinite.

The first chakra, Muladhara teaches you to face challenges with courage and to stand on own feet.

The second Chakra, Swathisthana teaches you to honour yourself and others.

The third Chakra, Manipur teaches you to develop your personal power.

The fourth Chakra, Anahat teaches you to develop trust and forgiveness.

The fifth Chakra, Vishuddha teaches you to express yourself and speak your truth.

The sixth Ajna, Chakra teaches you acceptance.

The seventh Chakra, Sahasrara teaches you the lesson of gratitude and contentment.

Think for a moment – what is a good or bad person? These are merely your definitions. Do you think the person who is weak or someone who doesn’t live for himself or sacrifices for others or does not harm others or prays a lot is good? According to the Chakras, No. Every person should develop power and should be centred in himself.

Now, let’s look at “bad” people. Do you think a person who is taking advantage of others for his selfish gains or someone who is using all the means to further his ends – is a bad person? No, he is just acting as per his priorities and that doesn’t make him bad. Now, it may seem as if such people become successful in life. Know that they will get temporary success, because they are using the necessary power to work towards their motives. But at the end of the day, all life is run by the Law of Dharma and such people will face the consequences of their activities not aligned to Dharma eventually.

One who follows the path of dharma and is aligned to laws of life, will be powerful confident, intelligent and will definitely get success. He or she will also have the willpower to overcome any obstacle that comes on his path.

To know more about the lessons of the seven Chakras, watch these workshops: https://www.youtube.com/user/rudracentre

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