In Yog Whom Do You Achieve Union With?

‘Yog’ means ‘Union’. It is an act of yoking oneself. There are many paths to achieve union; Bhakti Yog, Gyana Yog, Karma Yog and Dhyana Yog. These paths are not mutually exclusive to achieve union. One needs to achieve all the paths to achieve the same.

But the question is we achieve union with what? Is it union with our own self or with God?

Firstly we achieve Yog with our fragmented consciousness namely body, mind, senses and yoke them with the Soul.

Then we have to achieve Yog with our Consciousness that is fragmented into ‘Other’, meaning other person, another moment and another situation to realize that the ‘other’ is Self and the only moment that exists in ‘Now’.

With Yog, we realize our divine qualities that are stability, nurturing, power, desires, compassion, expression, acceptance and contentment that are all offshoots or other forms of  one divine quality that is ‘Love’. These divine qualities exist in our self, in seven Chakras and manifest when these Chakras blossom fully as we go through challenges of life and learn lessons.

I would say that in Yog we have union with Our True Divine nature. We realise our True Self through Yog.

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