Your own Temple

Are you one of those who return home late after a long day at work and then to unwind take a lot of time with family and then relax with TV and by the time you retire it is about midnight and then you need to wake up for prayers or Gym and rush to work… then this email is for you.. I am also one of you in this and I realised recently that how we abuse this temple of ours which is our body. Our body needs rest of at least 7 hours every night (it is 8, but I am discounting).

I was having pain in the calves and legs in the last 3 months and was sometimes ignoring and sometimes wondering what caused my Muladhara chakra to get blocked.

It is just recently I realised that it is because I have started sleeping well past midnight watching TV and reading. Then last week I decided to sleep early for a couple of days because the pain was just increasing and immediately noticed relief.. and yesterday when I was on way to Bangalore my feet were aching again and then I realised that I was not being kind to my body.. I had slept past midnight again and woke up at 4:00 to catch the flight.. So now I have decided to respect this temple rest of my life and hence this post. Your mind might be alert in spite of less sleep, but your body needs rest.. your legs ache to say that they cannot carry you.

Watch what you eat..because tongue only knows taste and desires don’t see what all the stomach has to do to digest what you take in. So eat for stomach and not for taste only. Avoid oily, heavy, spicy foods and needless snacking. And alcohol, cigarettes are just abuse for the body. One thing I found is avoid Tea immediately before or after food as it surely causes acidity. Also never eat when you are not hungry as body is not prepared with digestive juices and you will get acidity. Drink lots of water which may mean visiting Loo more often but it will cleanse you. Some daily exercise is very necessary even if you are slim, because the joints need exercise to remain flexible espc when our work style is sedentary.

Also I find that we should apply lots of cream when we sleep at night in AC because the dry air can suck away skin moisture causing wrinkles. Also avoid washing your face with soap.. use something herbal.. I always use powder of red lentils. Your face is what you show to the world. And lastly allow some sunlight to fall on your body everyday. Because of our lifestyle we are always packed in air conditioned homes and offices and rarely get to see natural greens and sunlight.. But our body needs it.

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