Personal Consultation

Puja Services Recommendation

Get a detailed analysis of your astrological chart with Doshas, Dashas and Malefic/Benefic planets and the mantras to be chanted for your benefit. Our experts study your chart and recommend the best remedies.

Amount Payable: Rs 1100 INR

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Free Consultation for Your Child With Neeta Singhal

If your child has issues related to focus/concentration, unknown fears, timidity/shyness aggressive behavior, stubbornness or depression, just relax and take practical tips from Neeta Singhal who explains the root cause of the issue and suggests solutions.

Amount Payable: Free

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Vastu Consultation with Vastu Expert

Get yourself expert consultation (E-mail & Phone) on remedies for Vastu dosha/defects, energized Vastu products and rectifying Vastu dosha for home and office. Let our Vastu expert guide you for the best.

Amount Payable: 2500 INR

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Phone Consultation with Expert

Book an instant Phone consultation with our expert and discuss your problems related to health, personal and professional blocks and get your Chakras analyzed with effective RRST® recommendation.

30 minutes | 5100 INR

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