What to do during Shravan Maas

During the month of Shravan, people avoid eating non-vegetarian food, while others eat one meal a day and refrain from eating onion and garlic. Many eat food devoid of salt. Some fast the entire month, eating fruits, roots, tubes (Potato, sweet potato), milk and milk products and avoiding all forms of grains.

A popular form of fasting is eating one meal in the evening and rest of the day eating fruits/milk.

Mondays is a very auspicious day for worshipping Lord Shiva. He is the Lord of our Sahasrara chakra who finally leads us to Moksha, realisation of true selves.

During Shravan month, do abhisheka for shiva linga. Keep the Lingam with Yoni pointing North and the west face of the Lingam facing you.

How to perform the pujas and Abhishekam (bathing of the Linga) during the night.

Bathing and staying clean the worship of Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva lingam is done in the four jamuns (four equal time intervals) of the night.

Firstly perform Ganapati puja praying for no hurdles to the puja. Simply have a murti of Lord Ganesh and offer Him incense, lamp and flowers.

Before the prayer starts make sure that you wash the lingam with water. Now place the lingam on a tray.

You can perform the abhishekam in your prayer room. Also you should have made during the day 4 flower garlands. Many use cloths to dress the linga after each abhishekam. But this is optional).

Also make sure that you have at least 4-incense stick, 4 camphor and 4 whole flowers for the arati and several Bael leaves.

Then at 18h00 the first abhishek is performed. While chanting mantras of Lord Shiva bath the Linga with milk (which should be in a lota/pot).

Then after offering the milk with one lota of water bath the lingam.

Then with a clean cloth only used for the prayer dab the lingam to remove the excess liquids.

Now place bael leaves on top of the Lingam and with chandan paste with the ring finger of your right hand draw three lines on the lingam and on the centre line dot it with kum-kum.

Then garland the lingam and now offer arati with incense, lamp and flower 7 times around the Lingam. This is the end of the first Jamun.

At 21h00 the 2nd Jamun is performed. Please replace the Milk above with yoghurt and the procedure is the same. At 00h00 the 3rd Jamun is performed. Please replace Milk above with ghee and the procedure is the same. Do not use one lota of ghee, rather in a lota add ¼ teaspoon of ghee and add luke warm water to it.

At around 3 am – 04 am the 4th and last Jamun is performed. Please replace Milk above with honey and the procedure is the same. Do not use one lota of honey, rather in a lota add ¼ teaspoon of honey and add luke warm water to it.

Many people combine all procedures together and do prayers in one particular hour.

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